International Graphite is an Australian company developing a secondary graphite processing facility in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. A Prefeasibility Study has been completed, and the company now is in Feasibility stage. The Project is to implement an advanced integrated secondary graphite processing facility to treat high quality graphite concentrates from east Africa. The operation will be a low operating cost producer located in a tax-free hub for transport of concentrates from east Africa and distribution of products world-wide. The business will leverage off the rapidly expanding applications of graphite in Li-ion batteries, in mobile phones and computers, and in fire-retardant building materials, as well as producing mainstream secondary graphite products. The facility will incorporate conformance with ISO QA/QC and environmental standards to give its customers consistent quality products. The Project is a long-term industrial project that is expected to return on-going projected dividends, and there is significant opportunity to expand the business and to diversify the product mix.